If I could choose the studio of any artist to use myself,  without a doubt it would be Picasso’s one at ‘La Californie’ in Cannes; an amazing building imbued by all the drawings, prints and paintings that Picasso created there that reflect its character and the – obviously exaggerated – Mediterranean good life that he and his family and friends seemed to enjoy there.



Si pudiera elegir el estudio de cualquier artista para utilizarlo yo, sería sin dudarlo el de Picasso en ‘La Californie’ en Cannes; un edificio increíble embebido de todos los dibujos, grabados y pinturas que Picasso ejecutó allí y que reflejan el carácter del lugar, y la -evidentemente exagerada – buena vida mediterránea que él y sus familiares y amigos disfrutaban allí.




Picasso at La Californie in 1956. Interesting to note the rocking chair and moldings above the doors that appear in many of his paintings and drawings. Image: www.museupicasso.bcn.cat






picasso_drawing_californieDrawing of the studio at La Californie. Image: www.museupicasso.bcn.cat